Outside The Box 925 (OTB925)

Our Mission

Outside The Box 925 (OTB 925) inspires and energizes students and teachers to maintain their natural interest in science topics throughout the school year.
OTB 925 is the GO-TO source for classroom teachers looking for the latest STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) materials, speakers and programs to make learning fun.
OTB 925 offers vetted STEEAM activities, field trips and professional development opportunities. STEEAM – Science, Technology & Engineering for the Environment using Art & Math.
OTB 925 supports building STEEAM skills in underserved communities with updated class offerings, teacher training and nationally approved, standards-based resources.
OTB 925 promotes community connections by providing a venue to learn and apply environmental literacy skills.
Nature, energy and the sustainability of natural resources are the foci of our lessons which are taught through a STEM lens in order to develop community awareness and action.
Energy – We teach about current energy alternatives and the effects of energy use on locally-based natural phenomena. Our energy activities challenge young people to find ways to reduce and even reverse their energy impact on natural systems. Students see how the right circuit set-up can run a system using alternative energy sources.
Conservation – Projects range from identification and data collection to making connections between living and nonliving parts of natural systems. Depending on age, students may: identify material types and use, design field experiments to maximize plant growth or identify changes in local landscapes due to human impact.
In an era where science and technology are used regularly, we emphasize how these impact both our quality of life and the environment.
We prioritize bringing STEM activities to underserved communities with education programs that are tailored and designed for teachers by teachers.
Tascha Barnes – President
Devin Jackson – Vice President
Board of Directors:
Tascha Barnes – President = MA, Marine Biology Moss Landing Marine Labs; Environmental Science Teacher, K-12th
Devin Jackson – Vice President = MA, Education St Mary’s College; Environmental Science & Technology; Teacher and Consultant, K-8th
Mike Souza – Treasurer & Business Advisor = Design Engineer Digital/Computer, PV Solar
Ford Tivakul – Director, Friends of Concord Creeks = BA, Journalism Bangkok University; Photographer, IamFord Photography
For More Information:
(925) 603-3374; (925) 708-7628
FACEBOOK: FB.com/OutsidetheBox925
OTB925 : K-8th Outdoor Science Education